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Campaign Cabinet

Susan “Silly” Sillcox Repko '72, Chair

Spirit of OS
“Courage, Humility, and Largeness of Heart” is to me the spirit of OS. I graduated understanding the importance of each and I try to apply them every day.

Provide a nurturing environment for Oldfields girls which:

  • promotes academic excellence and sparks intellectual curiosity
  • fosters confidence and self-respect
  • encourages “giving back to others”
  • creates lifelong friendships

Why the Cabinet
I agreed to serve on the Cabinet because I couldn’t say “no”. The school is in such a good place right now and I can’t wait to share all the good news with alumnae, parents and supporters. This is the right time to launch a campaign and I truly believe we can meet our goal. I am thrilled to have Parny Hagerman as our head of school and I look forward to working with her, the Board of Trustees, the Cabinet, the Development team and the school community to make this a very successful campaign.

BIO: Susan Sillcox Repko '72
Nickname: Silly
Team: White

I was born in New York City and my parents, who were older, were not comfortable having a female teenager at home. So off to boarding school I went.

I chose Oldfields because of the beautiful campus and because I wanted to be as far from New York as possible. I played field hockey, tennis, basketball and lacrosse, I sang for Dubious, and I served on the Student Council.

I was not a good student before coming to Oldfields but with some encouragement from faculty and a boost in self-confidence, I worked hard and got into Bowdoin College. I majored in Latin and Ancient History and went on to teach Latin and coach at North Yarmouth Academy in Maine.

I then moved to Evanston, IL for a few years where I worked in a bank and then a few years later moved to New Jersey and worked at Manufacturers Hanover Trust in NYC. I stayed there for 3 years and then moved to Continental Group in Stamford, CT in their Treasury Dept.

I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary to Bill and together we have 6 children – ages 18-35. I have spent the last 20 years volunteering in the school system and serving on a number of non-profit boards. I continue to play competitive tennis, paddle, and golf and I love Zumba. Bill has recently retired and we hope to spend half the year in Scottsdale, AZ.

Favorite memories
Tubing the Gunpowder, singing for Dubious, playing any sport for Miss Herky, free days, graduation in long white dresses, Gookies, being able to pull an all-nighter, getting a phone call, taxis to Towson, getting an “A” in anything

Reynolds “Chip” duPont Jr. P’95

I grew up in Wilmington, DE and went to Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. I had a strong attachment to boats, they gave me independence and I could go where I wanted to go. I went to Wesley College for two years and transferred to Syracuse University. I volunteered for the Army and did 10 months in Vietnam.

My best friends were on Fisher’s Island and my sister, Kandi was living there with her husband and two children. So, I went there after the Army. I intended to stay for a short visit but I loved it and ended up staying. I worked in the boat yard business for a couple years, and I bought a liquor store and ran it for about 10 years. I inherited the boat yard from Kandi’s husband after he died. The boat yard handles 160 boats and the island is a family oriented group.

Along with boating, skiing is an interest too. I broke my wrist this winter but my kids are telling me I’ll be skiing next year.

I have three kids; Heidi is the oldest. My son is married and has 4 children ages 1-6 and my youngest daughter, Jamie, is married too.

We found Oldfields through an educational consultant who recommended three schools for Heidi. She wanted a school with a riding program. At Oldfields, I walked in and saw a golden lab curled up in the reception room and felt I was home! I had to keep my mouth shut as Heidi reviewed the pros and cons of each school. When it came to the down-side of things, there were none for Oldfields. Also, my sisters, Natalie and Kandi attended Oldfields which brought a certain comfort level too. Heidi graduated from Oldfields and went to University of Vermont. My son and younger daughter ended up going to University of Vermont too.

My fondest Oldfields memories are with Heidi and the board members. They were like an extended family. I liked the all-encompassing nature of the School and the fact that nothing slips by the faculty. I remember listening while the staff talked about the girls and how alert they were to whatever was happening with each girl and if some girl was having trouble. The school is hugely well-rounded.

I agreed to serve on the cabinet because I had so much fun serving on the board when Heidi was a student. The two terms I served were incredibly rewarding and engaging. I’ve just stepped off a board on Fisher’s Island after 35 years and the opportunity came up at Oldfields and I’m happy to help guide the school through whatever is ahead.

Claire Higgins Hathaway ’99

Team: White  

I graduated from Oldfields in 1999 where I played lacrosse and field hockey, was an RA in Carroll House and was on the white team. After Oldfields, I attended Denison University, played women's varsity lacrosse and field hockey, studied in Florence and was a member of Phi Beta Phi sorority. I graduated with a BA in Communication and English in 2003.

Currently, I am the Regional Manager of Sales at Jetsetter, a Member of the Gilt Groupe. Jetsetter is an editorially driven, online community dedicated to providing members with insider access to the best resorts, villas, tours and events world-wide. I manage a team of 10 Market Managers located throughout the United States, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Caribbean as well as the tours, private villas and personal travel planning sections of the company. Two years ago, I married my wonderful husband Brad and we live in New York City with our labrador retriever, Naladhu.

I came to Oldfields in 1995 after 11 years at a small day school in NJ. After a major adjustment period and weeks of homesickness, I found some of my best friends at Oldfields. As freshman and sophomore’s we saw the school at it’s best, but as juniors and seniors, we felt the decline of traditions, spirit and faith in the school. I realized that serving on the cabinet was an opportunity for me to contribute to the schools future success so that these elements are never in question again.

What brought me to OS?
My mother attended Garrison Forrest School and always raved about her experience there. When looking for boarding schools, I knew I wanted a small class size, competitive sports and strong riding program. I visited OS and loved it immediately.

Fondest memories of Oldfields?
Green and White Night, Graduation, 100 Nights Dinner, Senior Presentations, Caravans to Horse Shows, Field Hockey and Lacrosse games, May Program, Alumnae Weekends

What the Oldfields spirit means to me?
Last summer I met an OS alum and quickly discovered that we both attended the school. There was an immediate connection and the conversation moved from uptight and formal to laughing about the sheep on the hill, Old House, Miss Nan's, barefoot graduation and other memories that only an OS girl would know. We graduated 30+ years apart, but clearly the history and tradition at Oldfields lives in everyone who walks down the hill.

Victoria “Vicki” Meier Linnartz ’86

Team - White
Past Trustee

I selected Oldfields because they had a great riding program and my mother had also attended Oldfields, as well. I loved the family feeling and the beautiful campus setting. As a rider, and then varsity captain, I spent countless hours at the barn with fellow riders and my horse. I also played some tennis and was in the drama program. Oldfields helped me become a more self-confident person. I went from an academically challenged student to an honor roll one. The school taught me skills needed socially and academically, to succeed. I continued onto Denison University and then onto Parsons School of Design. For the past 20 years, I have been an Interior Designer in Westport and New Canaan, CT. I travel the East Coast to work with clients on Residential and Commercial projects. I live with my Husband, John Linnartz and our 2 children, Olivia (12) and Jack (9). As a family, we spend time on our sailboat, Peridot, sailing on Long Island Sound and beyond.

My fondest memories of school are my friendships, countless hours at the barn, Biology with Mrs. Littlefield, Drama with Fletch, History with Mr. Smith, mixers with the boys schools and going to Baltimore and Washington on our own!

James G. “Jim” Pitcher P ’14, ’15

I grew up in Northern Baltimore less than 5 miles from Oldfields School . My family has always seen the benefit to single sex private education. I currently have 2 daughters attending Oldfields School. We are very pleased with Oldfields School's ability to challenge the girls, while allowing the girls to grow into the young women we know they will be able to become. Through guidance of various OS teachers the girls have begun to identify what future plans and goals they would like to obtain once graduating from OS. Meeting OS mission of each girl meeting their academic and personal potential.

Being a graduate of The Hill School, a private all male boarding school, I am aware how the school must have individuals focused on the future of the school. The campaign name Sustain the Spirit, Support the Future: Oldfields at 150, simply identifies the goal of the school.

It is my hope that by serving on the cabinet, I will be able to help OS reach their goals. My wife Stuart, and my daughters Kiefer '14 and Barrett '15 currently live less than a mile from the school. I am EVP of PDP Group, Inc. a family-run business in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Stuart Earhart Pitcher P’14, ’15

Stuart Pitcher is the mother of two Oldfields students and married to Jim Pitcher. Stuart is interested in health education and hold a master's degree in Health Psychology as well as certifications to teach the Pilates method of mind body exercise. Stuart enjoys fitness and works with private clients as well as students at Oldfields to experience the benefits of exercise. Stuart is excited to work with the campaign because Oldfields is outstanding and exceptional. It has allowed her daughters to grow academically while providing an environment that allows each to develop her own special interests.

Margarita “Margie” Pardoe Rooke ’76

I am Margie Pardoe Rooke and I graduated in 1976 from Oldfields (oh yes….54 years old!)

I am married to Andy Rooke and we have 3 sons all in their 20’s who we fortunately get to see often and our middle son, Taylor just became engaged and we are all thrilled and excited. We live in Fort Washingtion, PA, just outside of Philadelphia and it also is where I grew up. I have had a thriving stationery/paper business for the last 20 years, that I ran out of my home. I sold the business last summer and continue to help the girl that I sold it to but I am loving not having the responsibility or workload at this point in my life.

My interests are my family, the Jersey Shore, reading, needle point, tennis. My passions are education and health…particularly cancer research.

I agreed to serve on the cabinet because I love Oldfields and it was a way that I could stay involved without taking on too much. I live close enough to Oldfields and know so many alumnae that it seemed like the right fit for me. I think this is a strong and effective group that will take Oldfields to the next step.

My cousin, Betsy Bristol Sayen was at Oldfields (and loved it) and I was not happy or thriving in the school that I attended in Philadelphia.

I attended Hollins College in Roanoke VA then worked in New York. First for a yacht brokerage doing sales and rentals then for Architectural Digest Magazine in sales. When I got married, my husband and I lived in Morristown NJ so I stopped working and started a family.

The traditions, the support that the entire staff gives the students, green and white night and my teachers and my beloved friends.

Oldfields Spirit…..the last 5 years and where OS has come from and where it is today….

The School’s mission is the same as it has always been. It supports and develops the whole girl to grow and thrive in the way that is most appropriate for her….very few schools are that devoted to there students.

Katherine “Kandi” duPont Sanger ’62

Team: WHITE and I even got the White Team spirit award!!!!!

I was born in Bryn Mawr, PA and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware.

I had a tough time in day school and when Oldfields appeared on the radar off I went not knowing a whole lot except that my cousin Peggy Riegel Weymouth was already there so that would make it good for me. As a freshman with 8 other classmates I got on the honor roll that first year! I was lit like a fuse and had a wonderful three more years at Oldfields. One of those original 9 was a tent mate of mine when I went to camp in New Hampshire in 7th grade, Evie Jamison Johnson. We just had our 50th reunion which was the best thing that ever happened to us. We became close at school and when we saw each other at the reunion it was like we never had been apart.

After Oldfields I went to Wheelock College in Boston and married Peter Sanger three weeks after graduation in 1966. We lived in Ithaca for 18 months and then moved to Honolulu when Peter joined the Navy. We had 2 sons out there and then moved to Fishers Island, New York as year round residents in 1971. I taught school, worked in our boat yard, was a Den mother and became an EMT. I volunteered in New London at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital and also served as co-chair on the Island Health Project which supplies a Doctor for the Island. Peter and I had a Windsurfing business both at Fishers Island and in Sanibel, Florida until his sudden death in 1986. I now reside in Sanibel and play endless rounds of golf ever hopeful to be really good. No luck yet!!! I volunteer on Sanibel and Ft. Myers in the soup kitchen.

Favorite Memories
Way too many to recount but probably the best was the afterhours party that Missy Tomlinson and I hosted in our room in North Centennial with cold cuts, lemonade kept chilled in the back of the toilets and cookies/brownies, and chewing gum kept hidden underneath the wall to wall carpeting! Doesn't that sound SOOOO risqué???? Girls came from New house, Old house and the Centennial. It was quite a bash!!!!! No booze, boys or cigarettes were required. We had WAY more fun without any of that!!!!

Jane Isdale Schaefer ’52 P’84

I’ve lived in Stonington, CT for 30 years and I live in Key Largo, FL from January to April. I moved to a new home in Stonington, one month before Sandy hit and the seawall of the old house caved in. I moved thirty years to the day we moved into the old house.

After Oldfields, I attended the Child Education Foundation in New York for early childhood education, received my Bachelors of Science for grades K-3. I let the job go and married Rudolph Schaefer who was in the Navy. We moved around a lot and lived in Boston, Newport and Albany. In 1957, he joined F & M Schaefer Brewing Co. and we had our first child.

We lived in Rye, and I volunteered in the Junior League and United Hospital in Port Chester and Westerly Hospital in Westerly, RI. Three of our daughters went to Stoneleigh Burnham and I was on their board for four years, and Vice President in the last year. We had five children; Ann, Rudy, Martha, Edmee, Lucia and Greta. When Greta went to Oldfields, I joined the board. While Greta was at Oldfields, Ann was killed and the School was so good in helping her through it.

My interests include golfing, sailing and woodworking. I made a dingy six years ago so I could row out to my 21-foot sailboat. I’ve made boxes, a table and I am currently working on in-lay and bowl turning. I enjoy travelling when I can and I will go to Scotland this summer to golf and research my father’s family history and find his home. He came to the United States at twelve years old. I am also the President of the Coutant Cemetery in New Rochelle, NY, where I grew up.

I have 11 grandchildren from ages 16 to 26 years old. We had 5 girls and a boy. Greta, our youngest went to Oldfields and graduated in 1984.

I agreed to serve on the cabinet because Laurie told me to! Seriously, I care about the School and want to see it continue.

I came to Oldfields because my sister went there, but I couldn’t go while she was there. I hated Fox Hollow and went to Oldfields when my sister graduated.

Greta ’84 graduated from Oldfields and went to Hiram College in Ohio. She played varsity field hockey and recently won an award. She is a singer and lives in West Newbury, MA. She has shows in MA and NH and works with horses too. She is hoping to attend Alumnae Weekend with me.

My fondest memory is of all the dogs! The feeling of home and going to Pa’s—it was a home and not a dorm. All the teachers were supportive and they didn’t compare me to my sister. I loved Green and White Night and all the shrouded secrecy. I prayed to be a green and I became one, so all was well!

The Oldfields Spirit
I go back to courage, unselfishness and largeness of heart. It’s the soul of the School. Unselfishness was the biggest part. Chapel was extremely important and I miss the real prayers. We sang hymns and read a psalm every morning to start our day.

The mission is to encourage each girl to be an individual and not follow somebody else; Make each person comfortable with themselves. The teachers treated you as an individual, not just as a group of kids. We had access to teachers; they would invite you into their apartments or talk quietly outside of class.

Carla Simmons P’92, ’98

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and went to The Brooke Hill School (I wish it had been Oldfields)and graduated high school in 1962. I went on to Endicott College in Beverly, Mass and to the University of Alabama. I am married to Tommy Simmons and we live in Jasper, Alabama. We have two daughters, Mary Simmons Evans, OS 92, and Lee Douglass (Dougie) Simmons, OS 98.

My favorite thing to do is go to the beach and play with our grandchildren, Mary Douglass Evans, 10 (future O.S. student) and Carl Evans,7.

I agreed to serve on this committee because there is little I wouldn't do for Oldfields. It has meant a great deal to our family. I look forward to reconnecting with many old friends.

We had a very interesting introduction to Oldfields. In 1987, a dear friend, Mary Moren Crommelin and I were talking about boarding schools for her daughter, Forsyth. I told her how happy Barry and Wentworth Caldwell, from Nashville, were with Oldfields where their daughter, Barry, was enrolled. Mary Moren and Forsyth went to visit and loved it and Forsyth started the next year. Mary Moren asked me to go with her to take Forsyth to school and I fell in love with it, too. That fall I took my daughter, Mary, to a school consultant and, lo and behold, he recommended Oldfields!!! Mary entered O.S. as an 8th grader. Dougie followed 6 years later.

After graduating from Oldfields both Mary and Dougie graduated from college but have taken different paths. Mary is a real estate agent in Birmingham and has a small decorating business. Dougie loves politics and has had an interesting career in Washington, D.C.

Some of our fondest memories at O.S. are the many parents' weekends we spent there. Some of our dearest friends are parents of Mary and Dougie's friends. No matter where we go we run into O.S. friends.

The Oldfields spirit is one that doesn't fade with time. We are as enthusiastic about O.S. now as we ever were.

Oldfields has always remained very true to its mission. Each girl encouraged to do the best she can in whatever she does and to be a steward of good will, tolerance and kindness in the community.

1500 Glencoe Road
Sparks Glencoe, Maryland 21152

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At no other school will so many caring individuals be focused on a young woman’s success as a student, a leader, an athlete, an artist, or an adventurer!


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